December 30, 2013

Bucket List; Things to do before an apocalypse

  • Graduate high school
  • Pass state exams
  • Get a high score on the ACTs
  • Take a venue's concert promotion picture
  • Get stoned with a British band
  • Be kissed at midnight on New Years
  • Travel Europe
  • Meet One Direction
  • Watch someone give birth
  • Camp on the beach
  • Attend a foam party
  • Get a handwriting tattoo
  • Leave flowers on someone's doorstep
  • Date a famous band member
  • Get a passport
  • Dye my hair blonde
  • Give a homeless person a meal
  • Experience zero gravity
  • Watch a solar eclipse
  • Attend Coachella
  • Explore NYC
  • Be in a famous Hollywood movie
  • Kiss a British rock star
  • Perform for an audience
  • Be a contestant on Big Brother
  • Adopt a pet
  • Watch something hatch
  • Make out with a stranger
  • Start a band

Dakota xx

Goodbye 2013, Hello New Year

It's obviously been months since I sat in front of my laptop and wrote something other than research papers. Since February, I've grown a couple inches, cried a few tears, fought threw a few sicknesses, and stumbled on stairs that I've climbed everyday for eleven years. My hair has turned purple and faded into orange. I've transitioned my room into a typical seventeen-year-old hangout; decorated with band posters, signatures of British males, Christmas lights, and spray paint. As my Senior year closes, I stress about Universities. How will I feed myself? Will my anonymous roommate be weird? So....many....boys.... Oh, college. 2013 has been labeled as something to grow upon. It seems as if my face was complimented often. I can only get older and wrinkly.

There's so many choices to make. I can decide to travel the world. I can disappoint my parents. I can be a role model for my siblings. I can meet friends in Australia. I can get lost in the middle of the ocean. I can do whatever I want because I'm a free soul. We all are.

In two hours, I will head to the last day of 2013. I'm so grateful for everyday I live and I've learned to respect people who surround me, much more. Be good to me, 2014. I look forward to you.

Dakota xoxo

February 25, 2013

pastel hair

I made this collage myself. I'm quite proud of it considering it literally look three hours to make with cropping and researching. Phew....

One of the most popular hair colors at the moment are the pastel washes. This look has appeared in fashion magazines, runways, award shows, etc..  Popular ladies rocking this hairstyle includes Perrie Edwards, Lou Teasdale, Jade Thirlwall, Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne, Ashley Olsen, the list goes on...

How to achieve this look

Light Rinse
To achieve this look without bleach, you have to have fairly light base or very light natural streaks in your hair. Dark hair will require bleach.
The easiest way to do this is mix the colored dye of your choice with your conditioner. Apply it evenly throughout your hair and wrap it in elastic. Doing this prevents patchy application and keeps the color in your hair.

A UK favorite brand is Directions Hair Colour pots. 

An American favorite is the Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Colors

These accusations are based on beauty guru reviews

Chalk Application
Using chalk is the easiest washable technique to experiment with pastel hair. Using soft pastel chalks and a spray bottle, spray a piece of your hair. Using your chalk, color the damp piece of hair in a downwards motion. To lock it in, use heat to set the color. Kandee Johnson goes into detail on how to chalk your hair.

Trendy gals rocking the latest pastel trend: 

Katy Perry's Light Pink Look 
Ellie Goulding's Lavender Choppy Locks
Kelly Osbourne's Lilac Short Do
Chanel Model's Antique Turquoise Chalk Bob
Ashely Olsen's Rosy Waves

I personally have not attempted the light rinse semi-permanent hair. If you are planning on bleaching or putting the semi-permanent in your hair, be sure to do more research. I have tried the chalk applications many times and it's ultimately an easy way to avoid committing to a color you won't want in your hair tomorrow. This trend is hitting the streets with high fashion pastel streaks. Achieve the look and be sure to document the lovely colors. It's fun, edgy, and ultimately a great hair experiment! 
Good luck and happy hair days!

February 10, 2013

Valentines Day Tutorial

Don't sweat it if you don't have a Valentine. Love is everywhere whether you see it or not, you're loved.

Enjoy xx

February 9, 2013

DIY Bow Bandeau

Hello fellow beauties!

I've just recently ran across so many easy and stylish DIY projects to show you all! Spring is just around the corner! Last night I was inspired by a very popular picture on Tumblr of a bow-like denim bandeau that was dyed purple. I was determined to come up with something similar... and boy did I!
This is what I created...

 Let's get started.

Step 1 
Step 1- You're going to take a pair of jeans that are out of shape and you can't donate. (Mine were completely broken) Cut off about 15 inches, depending on the size of your bandeau. I chose from the knee down but my jeans are very long. Assuming you cut off the both sides of the jeans, cut them in half and choose the side with the less seam. The remaining piece should be one.

Step 2
Make sure to cut off the end, and sides of the jeans where the seam is, as shown above..

step 3
Step 3- Be sure to cut a long, piece from the jeans that will be used later. (About 12 inches long and 2 inches wide)

Step 4
Step 4- A certain fringe will appear from your cutting. You can leave it, perfect it, or make it something different as you choose.

Step 5

Step 5- I chose to run scissors back and forth of the edges to create a the look below. 

Step 6
 Step 6- Lay a bandeau flat. A plane bandeau is preferred but I only had a lacy one to choose from.

Step 7
Step 7- Lay your piece of jean fabric over the bandeau by how you want to place it. It's best to have some of it coming off the edges to give the bow-like effect.

Step 8
Step 8- Take the long piece cut earlier from step 3.

Step 9
Step 9- Take the piece and pull it underneath the first layer of your bandeau.

Step 10 
Step 10- Scrunch up the piece and tie it tightly underneath.

Your bandeau should currently look like this 

Step 11
 Step 11- Make sure to have safety pins nearby.

Step 12
 Step 12- Pin the first layer of the bandeau to the top edge of the denim.

I pushed it through and immediately pulled it back in to show the least possible pin.
*Tip- To avoid the safety pins from being the attention, you can paint them the color of your denim.
This should be similar to the back of your bandeau. 

And your final look should be...

Top two edges pinned creating a bow-like effect. 
All four edges pinned

Of course, you can spice up the denim by dying it, adding jewels, designs, sparkles, whatever floats your boat! If you don't like the idea of the denim hanging off the bottom as a bow, you can cut and pin the denim to fit your bust. (The first and last pictures are examples of the denim pinned.) I plan on creating many more and adding fun dyes to the fabric to make it more me! If you make one, tweet me or comment below pictures and questions! I'd love to see them! x

I hope everyone is enjoying the ending of winter. I'm so excited for spring!
Denim and Bows,

January 30, 2013

The Carrie Diaries Outfit 1

I'm starting a new "happy I'm in 2013 but wishing the 80's style was in" saga. Watching The Carrie Diaries on CW has inspired me tremendously to begin new trends and shadow the style of the 80's. Carrie Bradshaw is so inspirational and quite trendy herself. I've taken little bits and pieces out of the character's wardrobes and put them into a few everyday looks.

This was my outfit at school today. I've taken high white socks and added them with black leggings, combat boots, and a purple sweater. I've also incorporated bead bracelets into the look.

I wasn't ready... but it make it's point!

I did manage to step into something brown... yuck!

I have so many more ideas and little tweaks to throw in my outfits the rest of the week. Stay tuned!

Beads and Socks,

Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes Review

Picking up a few necessities from the store, I came across a sample of 5 cleansing towelettes by a brand called Ponds, connected to a Q-Tips box. I finally have tried it out and I must say- this product may be pushing into my overall favorite face cleansing items! 

I usually have much trouble finding cleansing products due to my uncooperative skin. I have such oily acne-prone skin. Most cleansing wipes burn my face or irritate it in some way. It's almost impossible to find something suitable which is why I was shocked.

I am so pleased with the quality. When you first open the packaging and take a wipe out, it's completely soaked with cleanser. No dry spots! The smell of these towelettes are refreshing and delightful to smell after a long day of school.

When I come home from school, the first thing I do is go to my room, change into comfortable clothes, put my hair up, and take off my makeup. Throughout the day, my fresh matte skin turns into a blotchy, oily cake. Not so yummy.

After cleaning my face, the wipe was a complete new color. Everything was taken off my face and I am satisfied. After trying this sample, I am definitely returning to the store to buy the full product.

Up close view of the patterned wipe.
Is anybody else loving this brand? What's your quick and easy face cleansing towelette? I have a new blog post on it's way... hint- it involves The Carrie Diaries!!! 

Goodbye to cake and hello to fresh skin,

January 28, 2013

February Wish List ♥

Moon Cycle: New Beginnings and Goals

Each month a full moon occurs. These moons each have a name that native tribes gave to them.
Full Snow Moon- February : The heaviest snow usually falls during this month.
You can read more about the interesting moon names here

This upcoming month is one of my busiest months yet. I have relatives from across the country coming, many concerts, and so many new sales and upcoming clothing lines that I'm dying to dig into. I decided to write down my February Wish list to give you all ideas and of course, accomplish mine!

Ed Sheeran Concert Merch  ♥
I am unfortunate that I'm not able to attend Ed's concert this month. I'm absolutely shuttered and It took a few weeks to cry over but transportation has been a huge problem. A good friend of mine is indeed attending it so I've planned to pay her to bring me concert merch back.

Job Interview  ♥
Non-stop searching for a decent job in my town has been a disaster. I'm hoping everything will turn around and I'll get at least a job interview!

New Clothing  ♥
So many new clothing lines and essentials are opening up in the month of February. I'm dying to get my paws on a pair of Doc Martens. I'm especially excited for the opening of Kendall and Kylie Jenner's new clothing line from Pacsun.

Beauty Channel Uprising  ♥
It is saying much considering I just officially started my Youtube Channel a few days ago but I'm hoping to increase my video-making rate and grow an audience.

DIY  ♥
I have numerous of DIY projects coming up. I don't want to completely share them all at once now, but you won't be disappointed! 

This list only marks a few of my exciting new tasks to uphold in February of 2013. Hopefully this opened your mind to some goals. If you haven't already, you can check out my new Youtube video, All About Me Tag here. 
What are some things on your wish list? 

January 22, 2013

All About Me Tag

Today was more than interesting, you could say...
Anyways I decided to take my anxiety and jitters and place them in an All About Me Tag video for my upcoming beauty channel on Youtube! I'm so excited to begin this project and hopefully gain some type of positive thing whether it'd be being noticed by some of my favorite Youtubers or gradually getting bigger as my channel progresses and gets better in quality.

Here is the lovely video I have been talking about. Get to know me with this tag video and hopefully gain something other than the fact I can be incredibly awkward.

Lots Of Love

January 20, 2013

pearly right


I'm wearing Oxfords, Boyfriend Jeans, The top was a Christmas Gift. 
I'm incredibly awkward in these pictures but hey, what would my blog be without a load of awkwardness?!

Pearls and Love,

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