January 30, 2013

The Carrie Diaries Outfit 1

I'm starting a new "happy I'm in 2013 but wishing the 80's style was in" saga. Watching The Carrie Diaries on CW has inspired me tremendously to begin new trends and shadow the style of the 80's. Carrie Bradshaw is so inspirational and quite trendy herself. I've taken little bits and pieces out of the character's wardrobes and put them into a few everyday looks.

This was my outfit at school today. I've taken high white socks and added them with black leggings, combat boots, and a purple sweater. I've also incorporated bead bracelets into the look.

I wasn't ready... but it make it's point!

I did manage to step into something brown... yuck!

I have so many more ideas and little tweaks to throw in my outfits the rest of the week. Stay tuned!

Beads and Socks,


  1. Love this outfit! Obsessed with the Carrie Diaries at the moment. xo Isabella


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